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Way of travel

Norway is known for its exceptional natural beauty – but also for its high prices. At Nordic Experience we want to present a budget alternative, proving that it is possible to enjoy Norway’s unique attractions even with limited means. We use cars to get around, with one tour guide in charge of a group of no more than eight members. This means that we will get to know each other well. Personal attention and safety is the first priority of Nordic Experience!

Small groups

Big is not always good. Sometimes smaller stuff can make even greater experiences. That's why we limit our group to a maximum of 8 members! It is extremely important for Nordic Experience that each guide have the time and overview to take care of each and every traveler in the group. By coming to Norway the Nordic Experience team are dedicated to give you the adventure of your dreams. By having a small number of people in a group we also get to know each other well. Friendships grow and we use sites like Facebook to stay in touch and share pictures after the tour is over. We think that personal attention is one of the most important factors in making you ambassadors for Norway and Nordic Experience to your friends and family back home!


Out in the districts in Norway accommodation can be quite a challenge. Through our major network we pick the best partners available for accommodation. This mean that we have a combination of guest houses, campground cabins and apartments. After an adventure-filled day we settle for the night at the best locations available in Norway, and the accommodation will mostly be 4-share. The cabins might be quite small, but they are always very clean and in top shape. Our most important focus is that you will wake up happy and refreshed for new adventures the next morning!

In your itinerary it is listed that you need to bring your sleeping bag along. If you don't want to bring it, there is possible to rent one at arrival. Note that you will have to specify this at the time of booking. The cost is NOK 200 for the whole trip, and is simply the amount for dry cleaning it after the tour.


The transport on the summer tours will be in an air-conditioned minivan and your tour guide will double up as the driver. This way of traveling give you the opportunity to come real close up to all the nature attractions which are impossible if you go with train or bus. Our guides know the areas where we are traveling very good, and will take you around to several local favorites which see no tourists!


During the trip your guide will be delegating certain everyday tasks – such as getting groceries, loading equipment, cooking, etc. – to the different members of the group. You will be working in pairs and tasks will be rotated from day to day. When assigning the duties your guide will, of course, take personal considerations and not burden you with jobs you have problems with. Involving the tour members in this manner builds a ”team spirit” and helps keeping costs at a minimum. You will have a group meeting the first afternoon before dinner where the guide will tell you more about this organization.

Fun - Flexibility - Adventurous

The way we organize our tours, based on personal experiences and feedback received from previous travelers, enables a fun and flexible itinerary, offering thrills along the way that you will never forget! Before establishing Nordic Experience all of us travelled extensively, and our primary aim is to create a team spirit to help people from all over the world explore the true ”soul” of Norway. To us, every group member is a personal guest, and we go to great lengths in providing flexible solutions and complying with individual wishes. At the end of the tour you will receive a questionnaire to provide us with feedback on how we can improve further.

Local payments and food kitty

Additional to the tour price you will have to bring a certain amount for local payments and the food kitty. The amount depends on which tour you are attending to, so be sure to double check this. Some of our previous travelers asked if it was possible to bring some of the tour money at arrival, and therefore we do it like this. If you want to pay the whole sum at the time of booking, you are perfectly welcome to do so! Just send us an e-mail and we'll put up a payment for you. The food kitty include all the meals on the tour, and is estimated out of previous experience. If there are money left in the food kitty at departure it will be split between the travelers.

Physical rating

Very easy - Short walks and carrying your bags in and out of the van.

Easy - Some hiking suitable for most fitness levels.

Medium - Some longer hikes and optional daytrips.

Hard - Daily hiking tours and longer hikes of several hours.

Very hard - Daytrips and accommodation up in the mountains or on a glacier. High fitness level required.

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