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Tour 4 – Nordic Extreme, 9 days
(departure Bergen – arrival Bergen)


Bergen City Sightseeing – Rafting – 2day / 3 night Surf Camp – Mountain Biking – Kayaking – Glacier hiking and climbing.


Trip description:

Are you ready for the ultimate Nordic Experience?! Buckle up and get ready for some awesome action!

The western parts of Norway is way more than the exceptional beautiful nature. The rivers, glaciers, mountains and fjords makes the area one of the best places in the world for those who want to experience some fantastic nature activities. Nordic Extreme is the only trip in the world giving you a complete package of surfing lessons, kayaking, mountain biking, glacier hiking and rafting in only 9 days!

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Price per person:

Included in the price:
– Private tour leader
– Transport in an air-conditioned minivan
– Accommodation in basic cabins / hostels / guest houses (shared)
– 2 day / 3 night Surf Camp
– Scenic ride on Flåmsbana Railway
– Mountain biking from Myrdal to Flåm (20km)
– Kayaking on the UNESCO listed Nærøy fjord
– Rafting in Jølstra river
– One adventure day on Folgefonna glacier
– Toll money and national park fees
– Boat trip on the Hardanger fjord
– Boat trip on the Sogne fjord
– Bergen city sightseeing
– Guided hiking tours

Day 1.

You will catch up with your guide and the rest of the group in Bergen, and spend the first night in this UNESCO listed city. In the afternoon there will be a group meeting where your guide will brief you regarding the upcoming tour which will take you off the beaten tracks and give you a full package of Norwegian adrenaline and adventure. You will get more information about practical issues during the tour, and in the evening the guide will take you out for an evening meal together with the rest of the travelers.

Day 2.

This day is all about exploring Bergen. Famous landmarks such as the Bryggen dwarf and the nearby exotic fish market is mandatory when you are visiting Bergen. Bryggen is well known for its wooden houses and architecture, and is a magnificent treasure listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will be joining on a guided city walk which gives you a lot of information about the city and its cultural and historical attractions. After lunch we will go for the first hike of the tour, climbing mount Fløien to get a fantastic view of the city. This is not a strenuous walk, and a ride down with the cable car is optional. Well back down in the city you will have a couple of hours to explore the city on your own, and we will gather again for dinner in the evening.

Day 3.

Our first main activity on the trip is rafting. We'll start off in the morning driving a couple of hours north to the river of Jølstra. After a safety briefing and some easy training to make sure that everyone is confortable with the river we head out on a 4 hour rafting trip. The difficulty of the river varies with the season, and is noted as grade 3-4. Depending on how wet you want to get our rafting guides will fit the trip to your physical levels ensuring that all of you get a great rafting experience! After lunch we will continue up towards our Surf Camp at Stad, a trip which takes about 3-4 hours. Awaiting us at the Surf Camp is dinner, and we'll get together in the evening and enjoy the long Norwegian summer night before going to bed before another exciting day tomorrow.

Day 4-5.

If you thought perfect surfing conditions where limited to Australia and Hawaii, you still got a lot to learn about surfing and surf spots around the world! The western parts of Norway offers magnificent sandy beaches surrounded by mountains and fantastic nature, which makes the area perfect for surfing. Combined with our professional surf instructors makes this the perfect place for your first surf! During those two days you will have a total of 4 surfing lessons, and our exceptional surf instructors will make sure that you get the most out of it whether you are a rookie or a more experienced surfer. If you ask they might even show you a couple of tricks that you can try to do yourself! Our instructors are among the best in Norway, and we guarantee that you will be able to stand up on your board during the stay at the camp!

Day 6.

After two amazing days of surfing we continue our journey by traveling to the village of Flåm. On our way we cross the world's second longest fjord, the Sogne fjord, and pass Europe's largest mainland glacier, Jostedalsbreen. The main attraction in Flåm is the Flåm Railway, the world's third longest adhesion railway. The train takes us from the fjord and the village of Flåm up to Myrdal 900 meters above sea level. Most people then take the train back down again, but that's not much of an adventure! Instead of doing this we'll grab our bikes and get ready for a 20km ride down from the mountain back to Flåm. We bike down a beautiful valley along a river and pass several waterfalls, farms and mountains. The ride is spectacular, and after approximately two hours we are back in Flåm and head towards to UNESCO listed Nærøy fjord where we will spend the night.

Day 7.

Today we are getting ready for another waterbased activity. This day will be spent kayaking on one of the most beuatiful fjords in Norway. Before heading out on the fjord we give you a lesson in how to use a kayak and make sure that everyone is confortable with the equipment. On our way out on the fjord we will pass small communities and farms giving you a great impression of how the people lived back in the old days. We will go to places where we see no tourists, and the mountains on the side of the fjord stretches up to 1500 meters above sea level. By approaching the nature from the fjord in kayaks we are also lucky to get a nice encounter with the wildlife, including birds, goats, deers and sometimes also dolphins and seals. After lunch this day we give you the option of going for a strenous hike up to a nearby mountain before going to bed after another adventurous day.

Day 8.

After having the Folgefonna glacier tour as an optional activity the last seasons, we now include a full day on the glacier on all our tours. This is because of feedback and great reviews from our travelers. You will wake up down by the idyllic Hardanger fjord this morning and then set off on a fantastic journey. We enter the small village of Jondal and then head up in the mountains to find the mighty glacier of Folgefonna. With a total of over 203 square kilometers this is Norway's third largest glacier, and when we come up to the glacier we put on our gear and prepare to spend a full day up in this stunning environment. We give you the opportunity to try ice climbing, take you down into traverses and let you know the glacier personally. We provide all necessary safety equipment and a local glacier guide to ensure the safety of the group. If the weather is on our side it is possible to see all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean, a stunning view! After 4-5 hours (depends on the weather) on the glacier, we will head back to beautiful Lothe camping to spend the last evening and night. In the evening we will have a nice meal, sharing the experiences of the last five days with each other. You will also get an opportunity for a night bath in the mystical Hardanger fjord before you go to bed after this adventure filled day. A night bath in Norway is definitely an amazing experience, so jump in!

Day 9.

After breakfast this morning we will start on our way back to Bergen. We will board a ferry which will take us over the fjord, and the roads in the area are among Norwa's most special. They haven't got a makeover since they were built, and with all the small farms and mountains around the ride itself is stunning. Six days after arriving in Norway you have been exploring some of the most famous fjords, the charming city of Bergen, majestic mountains and joined on exceptional activities like the Folgefonna glacier experience and the Flåmsbana Railway. Arriving back in Bergen you have definitely gained a lot of memories that you will bring back home, and maybe also some new friendships as we say goodbye for this time.

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