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Terms & Conditions

Upon booking, the client will receive an electronic confirmation. Bookings are final and all payments non-refundable. See section on “Booking cancellations" for more information. All ensuing communication between the client and Nordic Experience will take place by e-mail.

Age limit:
The age limit for joining tours organized by Nordic Experience is minimum 18 years. If you are younger and traveling with a responsible parent please contact Nordic Experience in advance of booking.

Tour price is fully payable upon booking. Local payments and food kitty will be paid on arrival.

All communication with Nordic Experience will take place in English or Norwegian. All tour guides are bilingual (Norwegian/English), and English is the major language used during the tours.

Travel insurance:
Nordic Experience requires all of its clients to have a valid travel insurance. Nordic Experience disclaims all responsibility for personal injuries, accidents, illness, death, theft and damage to personal belongings or the like. Upon booking the client accepts that all activities joined during a Nordic Experience tour are performed at one’s own risk and that the responsibility for any personal injuries rests with the client. If the client does not have valid travel insurance, it has to be taken out before departure. Otherwise, the client can be denied access to the tour, with no refund.

Travel cancellation insurance:
We recommend all our clients to take out a travel cancellation insurance. This insurance may be obtained from your regular insurance company.

Visa requirements:
Nordic Experience has no responsibility for the travelers visa requirements. If a tour is booked before the visa is granted there will not be a refund. If you need a confirmation letter for the embassy please send us an e-mail and you will get a formalized letter.

Booking cancellations:
The client may cancel a booking on the following conditions:

  • More than 10 weeks before departure: The entire tour price will be refunded.
  • 4-10 weeks before departure: 50 % of the tour price will be refunded.
  • Less than 30 days before departure: No refunds.
All cancellations are subject to an administration fee of NOK 400. For group bookings the deposit is non-refundable. The outstanding amount are subject to the cancellation conditions above.

Clients with allergies or other ailments/disorders
Clients with ailments that require special consideration, such as allergies, are obliged to inform Nordic Experience before departure. The same applies for clients who need special arrangements in terms of physical or mental support.

It is vital to us that all participants are having a pleasant and enjoyable trip. Participants who do not comply with given rules or do not respond to reprimands from the tour guide, will be excluded from the remainder of the trip. The same applies in cases of drug abuse or excessive consumption of alcohol.

Unforeseen incidents:
Nordic Experience reserves the right to cancel tours due to unforeseen incidents. These are incidents beyond the company’s control, such as natural disasters, floods, blocked roads or labour conflicts. Similarly, we reserve the right to change the itinerary to adjust for such unforeseen incidents. No refunds are made at such events.

Departure Guarantee:
As a service to our customers we provide a "Departure Guarantee" for all our tours listed on our website. Nordic Experience is a budget company and we understand the need for our customers to book flights in good time to get a good price. Nordic Experience therefore guarantees that all our tours listed on the website will take place.

Nordic Experience is responsible for all technical arrangements of the tours. The client is responsible for bringing the personal documents required, such as tour confirmation, passport/ID and travel insurance certificate.

Internet and changes:
Nordic Experience reserves the right to change prices and conditions between the time of your booking and the tour’s departure date. All information on the website is subject.

Participants who are discontented with the organization of their tour should approach the tour guide, who will immediately convey the complaints to the management.

Adventure excursions and airfare:
At the end of each tour’s info sheet you will find a specification of what is included in the tour price. Adventure excursions and all optional activities are not included in the price if not stated. These are all organized by a third party and will be paid directly by the participants wishing to join them. Airfare is not included in the price.

Under no circumstances will Nordic Experience sell or use data on its clients for commercial marketing purposes. Our tour guides will occasionally bring a camera to take photos during the tours, and these photos may be used in the marketing of Nordic Experience. We will, of course, not use photos with tour members who do not wish to be.

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