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Pre-tour info

How to get to Norway?

Nordic Experience has tours departing from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, and the most convenient (and often also the cheapest) way of getting to Norway is by air.

Nearby the capital Oslo there are in total 3 airports with international connections. Those are Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo Sandefjord Airport Torp (TRF) and Oslo Moss Rygge Airport (RYG). Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the main airport and the others are low-cost alternatives with good connections to the city centre of Oslo.

The city of Bergen has one airport, Bergen Flesland Airport (BGO). This airport has a very convenient location about 15 minutes from the city centre. Another alternative if you are arriving in Bergen is the Haugesund Airport Karm°y (HAU) which has a correspondanse to Bergen for each arrival and departure. For tours departing from the city of Trondheim there are only one airport here, Vaernes International Airport Trondheim (TRD). There are very good connections between Oslo and the other cities Bergen and Trondheim. The route Bergen-Oslo is the third most frequent route in Europe while the route from Oslo-Trondheim are the fifth most frequent.

Here are some links to some of the airlines providing services to Norway:

Scandinavian Airlines
British Airways
Iceland Air
Austrian Airlines

How to get around?

Maybe your tour is departing from another city than you are staying in, or maybe the tour end somewehere else than your departure destination? Don't worry! There are plenty of convenient ways of getting around. Here are our favourites:

By train - NSB
NSB (the national railway company) provide convenient traveling between Oslo-Bergen and Oslo-Trondheim. The trip is approximately 7 hours one way, and it is recommended to do the travel during the day to get a glimpse of the scenery you will be passing by. Tickets are only NOK 199 if you book in advance, which is a bargain!

By air - Norwegian and Scandinavian Airlines
Norway has extremely good domestic fligt connection between the biggest cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. Only the routes of Rome-Milan and Madrid-Barcelona got more frequent departures in Europe. You can visit the websites of Norwegian and SAS to search for tickets, and prices start at NOK 249. The flight time from Oslo to Bergen or Trondheim is about 45minutes to 1 hour.

By bus - Lavprisekspessen
Translated into English the name of this company means "the low cost express", and indeed they live up to their name. The tickets starts at NOK 49 and has a maximum price of NOK 299. They operate mostly between the major cities.

By bus - Nor-Way busexpress
Another bus option is to go with the Nor-Way busexpress. While the Lavprisekspressen ("the low cost express") operates between the biggest cities, you can go pretty much everywhere in the country with Nor-Way bus express. Price start from around NOK 100 and varies depending on where you want to go and where you are traveling from.

How to find the starting point?

Nordic Experience have chosen the best partners on budget accommodation in the cities where the tours departs from. The most important factors of this choice is that the hostels/guesthouses got excellent reviews from their customers, is clean and safe, the location is good and the staff and atmosphere is genuine and friendly.

OsloHaraldsheim Youth Hostel Oslo
Haraldsheim is located 4km from downtown Oslo in safe and attractive surroundings with a splendid view of the city and the fjord. Haraldsheim is an ideal starting point for exploring Oslo, and has also got nice outside areas for barbeque and activities. Haraldsheim is easily accessible with both bus, tram and subway. Click here for directions.

BergenMarken Gjestehus
Marken Gjestehus was voted the best hostel in Norway on in 2008, and we understand why. A clean, cozy and trendy hostel right in the city centre of Bergen. The staff is extremely friendly and seem to have an extra good eye for the Nordic Experience adventure people! It is located just a couple of minutes walk from the main railway station, and if you arriving by air there are just a couple of minutes walk from the bus stop. Click here for directions.

TrondheimSingsaker Sommerhotell
A short walking distance from the town center with railway station and bus terminal, close to Kristiansten Fortress and the famous district of Bakklandet you will find Singsaker Summer Hotel in green and quiet surroundings. A couple of days here gives us a flying start on the upcoming experience. Click here for directions. Note that the winter tours departing from Trondheim got another starting point!

What to bring?

Along with your confirmation e-mail you will get an equipment list which states what you should bring on the tour. You can also find an example of the list for the summer tours here. Note that there will be different requirements for different seasons, so please be sure to read through the equipment list you receive together with the confirmation.

When to arrive?

We will be gathering in the afternoon on the first day and the guide will go through some practical information with you along with collecting the local payments and money for the food kitty. Afterwards we head out for dinner on a local restaurant. The following day will be spent on sightseeing in the city of departure, and if your holiday or job getaway makes it difficult to join us on the first day, don't worry. To join the group on the day of the city sightseeing would be completely fine as long as you send us an e-mail and tell us about it!

When it comes to extended stay in Norway a lot of people want to spend a day or two extra in the departure/arrival city. Others again want to travel up north to explore another parts of the country. All those things are completely fine, and if you want any help organizing the rest of your stay please feel free to send us some questions and we will answer you as best as we can!

Is there anything else?

Hopefully you got all the information you need and are ready to book your tour so you can start looking forward to the trip of your lifetime! If you have any further questions please feel free to send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See you in Norway next summer!

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