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Small group travel off the beaten tracks!

Not every traveler would aggree with us when we say that this is the only way to experience Norway! Older people looking for sightseeing trips, parents traveling with their children and large groups shouldnbe joining our scheduled trips – this is just not the way to travel for those people.

Tours taking you around Norway to see its magnificent scenery are nothing new, but we want to give you a genuine nature and culture experience. That's why we are traveling in small groups and have private minivans to take you to places where the big tourist buses and cruise ships never are able to get! A combination of all the famous attractions you can find on the description of our tours, we also include several "secret" hikes and attractions that only the locals know where to find.

With small groups of open minded and adventurous people we are ready to set off on the trip of a lifetime!

Did you know?

  • We travel with one guide and maximum 8 travelers on each tour
  • Nordic Experiene is the only company in Norway providing guided round trips and adventure tours
  • As a traveler at Nordic Experience you are automatically put in a draw where you can win a second trip for 2 people whenever you want! One traveler each year will be randomly selected
  • By traveling with Nordic Experience you also support a lot of local providers around the country
  • Nordic Experience as a company spend a lot of time and resources engaging in community services and programs to help the needing
  • A certain amount of the income at Nordic Experience are spent making the world a little bit better by investing in those who need it the most

If you are searching for the genuine Norwegian culture and spectacular nature, stunning activities and meeting people from all around the globe; Nordic Experience is the way to go!

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