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Bergen: Gateway to the fjords

In Nordic Experience we often tell our travelers that the Norwegians are divided into two different people: The Norwegians and the Bergen people.

The citizens of Bergen are extremely proud, enthusiastic and loud which is very unlike the typical Norwegian behavior. That is also why most of us love Bergen – and you can definitely feel this special atmosphere in this beautiful city located between seven mountains. Bergen is the perfect destination if you are looking for culture, history or just want to have fun and follow the city's big heart beat during the night.

Did you know?

  • Bergen is Norway's second largest city with a population of roughly 250.000 in 2008
  • Bergen was Norway's capital from 1110 until 1299
  • In Norway Bergen is known as "the capital of rain". The city has over 200 days with rain in an average year, and there are actually several machines located around the city where you can buy umbrellas. In the rest of the world you buy soda from such machines, in Bergen you buy an umbrella!
  • Bergen was one of the major Hanseatic cities in Europe
  • The Hanseatic merchants operated in the Bryggen area, an area now included on the UNESCO's World Heritage List and definitely the most popular attractin in Bergen
  • The original name of the city, Bjørgvin, means "the city between the seven mountains". The name is given because of the city's location between seven mountains, with mount Ulriken as the highest with 624 meters above sea level
  • Bergens history has been filled with several big fires. In 1702 over 90% of the city centre where destroyed during the largest fire in the citys history

You can visit Bergen on one of our many organized trips to the Norwegian fjords. We have three tours departing from Bergen, and you can choose from the 6 day Highlights of Norway, the 9 day The Explorer or the 9 day Nordic Extreme. After all: "the gateway to the fjords" is an excellent starting point for visiting Norway!

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