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Best rated destinations 2009
First place: The Fjord Region, Norway!

The Fjords, which topped the charts in our 2004 rankings, get even higher marks this year. "About as good as can be done," says one panelist. The gorgeous scenery and the "well-preserved Norwegian rural life" are vigorously protected, plus "the local people seem to benefit."
Source: National Geographics

Once again we are back on the top where we belong! Nordic Experience provide tours to this gorgeous scenery, and we put all our effort into taking you away from those parts dominated by the cruise business industry!

"Environmental quality is at the highest level. Landscape is amazing and aesthetically one of the most beautiful. The icons of Norway are so unique that it is difficult to imagine anything else. The local culture can be seen on the shores and mountains. It gives an ideal overview of well-preserved Norwegian rural life."
Source: National Geographics

So, do you feel like visiting the best rated destination in the world next summer?!

Come and join one of our tours! All the tours Highlights of Norway, The Explorer and The Real Viking Experience are visiting the fjord region, giving you as a traveler memories for a lifetime!

See you in 2010!

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