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The Geiranger Fjord: The world's most famous fjord!

This fjord is among the most popular fjords in the world, visited by hundreds of cruise ships from May through September. To describe the Geiranger Fjord in words is a hard task, so we'll let you discover the Fjord yourself! We include a magnificent fjord cruise on our 13 day tour The Real Viking Experience.

Did you know?

  • The Geiranger Fjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions and has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2005
  • On the mountainsides around the fjord you can see well preserved farms and most of them are abandoned today. A group of locals called "the friends of the fjords" preserve the farms
  • The Geiranger Fjord was voted by National Geographic as the best preserved area on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2006!
  • One of the several beautiful waterfalls you pass by is called "the Seven Sisters" consisting of seven small waterfalls next to each other
  • The Geiranger Fjord cruise take you in the valley of Geiranger which sees over 600.000 visitors every year
  • The village of Geiranger is actually threatened by a large and unstable mountain part further out threatening to fall into the fjord and create a huge tsunami. Scientist monitor the movement in the mountain close and have regular emergency drills

To sum up we love Geiranger! The only drawback is that there is extremely crowded here during the summer season. That's why we don't spend the time in the village itself, but rather continue up into the mountain side with exceptional views of the valley and fjord. In Nordic Experience we put a lot of effort in getting away from the crowds and go off the beaten tracks. Of course we also experience the major attractions, and in addition to see the crowded part we bring you to some hidden pearls and complete the perspective from the fjord cruise with a bird perspective from the mountain side. It is when we arrive here that you will see the true Geiranger fjord and surroundings, giving you an authentic experience even in one of the most crowded tourist attractions in the country! You can visit the Geiranger fjord by joining our 13 day trip The Real Viking Experience departing from Oslo.

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