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Partnership Nordic Experience and Stormberg!

For the 2010 season Nordic Experience and Stormberg has formalized a partnership. Stormberg is one of Norway's leading travel and outdoor clothing brand, and we are proud that they have chosen Nordic Experience as one of their partners!

This mean that we will get a new wardrobe for the summer, and all our guides will dress up with equipment from Stormberg. In addition to be a guarantee for quality, Stormberg is also a company with great values and a great focus on helping out in the local community. They also focus strongly on environment, and those aspects are at least as important as the clothing for going into a closer cooperation with Stormberg.

Did you know?

  • With focus on the environment Stormberg let you recycle old clothing and get from 10 NOK - 50 NOK per return
  • 1% of Stormbergs income goes to charity projects with focus on helping children – just to make the world a little bit better
  • Stormberg as company and all their products are CO2 neutral
  • Stormberg got an employment program to help the weaker in the community. Around 25% of the staff have experienced hard periods in their lifes and been given a second chance as an employee at Stormberg.

We are proud to be supported by Stormberg and look forward to dress up in their clothing while we continue our small contribution to their philosophy – to make the world a little bit better!

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