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The Nærøy Fjord: An UNESCO World Heritage site

World Heritage List together with the Geiranger fjord. The Nærøy fjord has been said to be one of the most untouched places on the planet, and the rural parts see few tourists. Which makes this fjord one of our favorite places in Norway!

The Nærøy fjord is an arm of the Sogne fjord, which is Norway's longest and deepest fjord with a rich wildlife.

Did you know?

  • The Nærøy fjord is one of the narrowest fjords in the world; it's only 250 meters wide at the narrowest parts
  • It is more than 1 km wide at the widest parts
  • The depth varies between 10 and 500 meters
  • Mountains stretch up to almost 2000 meters on the sides of the fjord
  • The Nærøy fjord was included on the UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2005

As we love this particular fjord all our tours for the summer 2010 visit the area. We will spend the night just a short walk from the fjord itself, and go for a longer hike in the area to get breath taking views of this natural beauty!

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