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Folgefonna: Norway's third largest glacier

We include one day on the glacier Folgefonna on all our tours. Why? The answer is easy!

Imagine being on a glacier in the middle of the summer with the sun in your face and surrounded by ice, water and snow. After several activities like hiking and climbing we sit down and relax with lunch. The silence surround us completely. We can hear and feel the glacier, and realize that this big piece of ice is a living and moving element. These harmonic and beautiful sounds combined with a fantastic view over a crystal clear glacier river and the fjords below makes this one of the absolute biggest nature experiences on the top of the Earth!

Did you know?

  • All fjords in the world was created by a glacier
  • Glaciers are the world's largest producer of sand
  • A glacier is like a living organism, always moving and melting or growing
  • Folgefonna has a total area of 214 square kilometers
  • The glacier is just one part of the Folgefonna National Park which covers a total area of 720 square kilometers
  • In order to create and maintain a glacier the precipitation during the summer has to be greater than the melting in the winter
  • The precipitation on the top of Folgefonna is 5000 mm a year (!). This is an extreme amount of rain/snow. Compared to Bergen which is seen as the "rain capital" with 2200 mm a year Folgefonna outclass it easily. The only place in the world where you find the same amount of precipitation during a year is in the Amazonas rain forrest
  • Folgefonna is actually growing despite the global warming effects. Ask your guide why when you get to Norway, it's pretty interesting!
  • The thickness of the ice is over 500 meters on the thickest part, and the highest point is 1644 meters above sea level

This is just some of many amazing facts about the glacier Folgefonna, and our guides will te you all about it during the trip. Join one of our tours, and you will be privileged to experience this fantastic creation before it is too late!

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