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Flåmsbana: The Flam Railway

Flåmsbana, or the Flam Railway, is one of the world's steepest adhesion railways and an exceptional engineering masterpiece. We'll go for a ride on this stunning railway and from sea level in Flam the railway will take us to Myrdal through a wild and dramatic scenery. But the best is still ahead!

From Myrdal we go for a hike (or bike if you want) back to Flam through the Flam valley. The railway go through several tunnels on the way up so the views are limited, and that's why the perfect impression of the Flam valley has to experienced by foot or bike. If you choose to grab a bike there will be approximately 20 km downhill to Flam and you will pass by several waterfalls, tunnels, farms and stunning mountains on your way.

Did you know?

  • The Flam Railway is one of Norway's major and most spectacular tourist attractions
  • We call it the three 20's: 20 km long ride, 20 years of construction to complete the railway, 20 tunnels on the way up
  • 18 of those tunnels was actually built by hand!
  • You start in Flam at 2 meters above sea level and end up in Myrdal at 866 meters above sea level
  • The railway was fully electrified in 1944
  • The train stop right next to the spectacular waterfall Kjosfossen on the way up
  • The train ride takes about 1 hour from Flam til Myrdal

You can choose from all the tours with Nordic Experience and get a ride on the Flam railway!

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