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How many people are on a tour?

We travel in small groups so you can experience and enjoy Norway at its best. Our maximum size of a group is 8 people per guide, and the average is 6 people.

Who are my travelling companions?

Our tours appeal to a wide range of travellers from all over the world, most of whom share an adventurous spirit and a desire to experience the real Norway. The age of our travelers are mostly between 20-40, but also people above 40 are represented on the tours. Our tours are available all over the world so it is possible to meet all kinds of nationalities.

What are the age restrictions on your tours?

To travel independently you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits on our tours. If you are under 18 years old and travelling with a responsible parent, please contact us before booking.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes you do! According to our terms & conditions Nordic Experience AS does not have any obligations if anything happens to you on your trip.

Who will be my leader?

Our guides are locals and they now the country by heart. They have traveled around in Norway to discover the best places and they are really devoted to their job. You will love them!

How do I book a trip?

Our trips are booked through our website where we have secured payment with VISA/Mastercard.

Are there a lot of single travelers?

Most of our travelers are traveling alone, with a friend or two, or as a couple. Depending on the type of tour you will either be paired up in tents with someone of the same gender, or the cabins will be 4-share.

What kind of currency to you use and how much should I bring?

The currency used in Norway is Norwegian Kroner (NOK). It is hard to say how much money you should bring. This depends on how long you are staying in Norway. As for the tour there will not be any expenses unless you are going on the optional activities. ATM's are very common in Norway, and most stores and restaurants accept VISA/Mastercard.

What kind of accommodation are we staying at during the trip?

There is two different types of accommodation. One is in tents where two people share one tent. You will also be provided with comfy pads to ensure that you will get a good night sleep before the next day adventure. The other alternative is cabins/hostels. This is mostly 4-share, and there will always be an option to upgrade this accommodation into private or double rooms. Please check your tour info for specific information of what kind of accommodation this tour provides.

Is it possible to book an extra night of accommodation?

In all of the cities where the tours start we have a partner hostel/hotel where the tour starts/ends. We will help you with the information about how to get in contact with the hostel/hotel. All our travellers get a 10-15% discount at all our partner hostels/hotels by notifying your connection to Nordic Experience when booking.

What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?

We strongly recommend bringing a backpack or duffel bag, as suitcases can be cumbersome and difficult to store in the van. Suitcases with wheels may not work well on dirt or cobblestone roads.

What clothing should I pack for one of your adventures?

We always recommend packing as light as possible however the specific requirements for your tour will be sent to you when your booking is confirmed.

How much do I tip?

Tips are not included in the tour price and tipping is entirely at your discretion. A suggestion is NOK 20 per person per day.

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