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Tour 1 – Highlights of Norway
6 days (Bergen – Bergen)

If Norway was to be put on a postcard, this tour would be the motive! You will spend 6 adventurous days exploring some of the most famous fjords in the country. Combining this with the world famous city of Bergen and an exceptional experience at the Folgefonna glacier you definitely have explored the highlights of Norway!

Price: NOK 6.998 per person.

Tour 2 – The Explorer
9 days (Bergen – Bergen)

The western parts of Norway are famous for the beautiful fjords, magnificent mountains and the pulpit rock Preikestolen. This tour will take you through the western parts on a real exploration and bring you off the beaten tracks. Among several hiking trips we will go for a spectacular hike to the Preikestolen and also spend one full day on the magnificent Folgefonna glacier!

Price: NOK 9.998 per person.

Tour 3 – The Real Viking Experience
13 days (Oslo – Bergen)

This tour includes the very best of the Norwegian heritage, combining stunning nature with traditional cities. You will get a snap shot of cities like Oslo and Bergen, while spending most of the time searching for the unspoilt and perfectly beautiful landscapes of Norway. Mountains, fjords, charming cities, glaciers and adventure – you name it and we will give it to you on a trip that you’ll never forget!

Price: NOK 12.998 per person.

Tour 4 – Nordic Extreme
9 days (Bergen – Bergen)

The western parts of Norway is way more than the exceptional beautiful nature. The rivers, glaciers, mountains and fjords makes the area one of the best places in the world for those who want to experience some fantastic nature activities. Nordic Extreme is the only trip in the world giving you a complete package of surfing lessons, kayaking, mountain biking, glacier hiking and rafting in only 9 days!

Price: NOK 13.998 per person.

Nordic Experience

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