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About us

Nordic Experience AS has specialized in offering reasonable tours across Norway. Our aim is to give each group member a personal and unique experience of Norway’s landscapes and culture. Based on this philosophy we are constantly working to improve our existing products as well as to develop innovations for tomorrow’s markets.

Nordic Experience is based in Trondheim, with a marketing department in Oslo. We make a point of using local service providers for activities such as river rafting, glacier walking, kayaking, etc., and by doing so contribute to a positive development of the local communities visited.

Nordic Experience AS was founded by a group of people with travelling as their greatest interest, and combined we have spent years on the road looking for the world’s most magnificent landscapes. Along the way we have sampled great experiences from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands, USA, Canada, Central America, South America and Africa. And this is what makes a Nordic Experience tour so unique – how we draw on our wealth of experiences from different parts of the world to present the very best of Norway. Join us in our quest for the unspoilt, the mystical and the perfectly beautiful landscapes of Norway on a trip that you will never forget!

More for Your Money

With Nordic Experience, you wake up to a new adventure every single day. We have professional guides to help you make the most of it, taking you to an exquisite selection of the finest fjords, wildest waterfalls and most spectacular scenery. Best of all – it is cheap. So if you love the great outdoors and are ready for a genuine Norwegian adventure, bring a friend or loved one, pack your bag and embark on a journey through the Norwegian landscape that you will cherish forever. If you’ve got the spirit, the desire and the right attitude, we provide the rest!

The Experience

Tours taking you around Norway to see its magnificent scenery are nothing new, but we want to give you a tangible experience, allowing you to be one with nature. And instead of taking a hurried snapshot through a coach window, you have the whole day to savour the view. We guide you to the top of a waterfall so that you can take those special photographs you have always been dreaming of. Our tours offer you a great deal of freedom – after all, you’re on holiday! Is there really any other way of approaching such rugged, authentic nature? Aren’t you, like ourselves, pretty fed up with the usual plane-bus-hotel-bus-bus routines? When the short Nordic summer night finally falls, we gather around the fire, invent some games and have a good time together. The group consists of people from all corners of the world, and the magic atmosphere makes it the perfect place to make new friends. To explore a country and a culture with as much to offer as Norway, there is just no hesitating – this is the way to go!

The Tour Guides – our vital pawns

Without our professional tour guides, Nordic Experience would be out of business. They are the vital pawns, and without them we are nothing. Our tour guides always turn up with enthusiasm and high spirits. Their job is to take care of each and every group member and make sure everyone feels included. In fact, it’s not just their job – it’s their passion!

Nordic Experience

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